img_4916Fingerless Texting Gloves

Fall 2016img_4910img_4904



Hipster, Urban Chic Hats!…Fun and Funky!  Winter 2016

More Hooded Caplets and Cloaks Winter 2016

Winter 2016 Hooded Capes and CloaksIMG_0537IMG_0527IMG_0493IMG_0523IMG_0541IMG_0516IMG_0518

Hooded Capes Upcycled Clothing

Hooded Capes
Upcycled Clothing

Forest Pixie Sweater

New projects for the Fall of 2014 to see more, please use the link to my ETSY shop. Forest Pixie Sweater

Here’s a selection of my works – for the most recent creations or to make a purchase, please visit my etsy page.


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